Friday, March 13, 2009

I love you, Man.

This might be more of a chick flick than a comedy, but either way, I will probably like it. I've loved Paul Rudd ever since Wet Hot American Summer and Jason Segel is amazingly hilarious (Forgetting Sarah Marshall... nude scene... yikes!) so it should be worth seeing. Oh and an added bonus, there's a Puggle in the previews. Now I'm DEFINITELY going to see it.

my very own website (besides this one)

Finally, my website is up! It's simple for right now, but my friends think it "fits" my personality. I love the layout and its vintage feel (thank you Jimmy Johnston for shooting it). I also designed the business cards below to go with the site. Hope you enjoy. And please send the link along to anyone who might be interested (or in need of a copywriter). {} Thanks!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Illustration love.

French illustrator, Garance Dore, can portray the true beauty of stylish women through her drawings. Not only is she a talented illustrator, but she also takes amazing snapshots of all the fabulously dressed women around her. I'm truly in awe of some of her designs, but also a bit envious of the freestyle lifestyle and edgy, yet graceful beauty that French women seem to have. I think I might take the next year off and move to Paris.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best Behavior

I have fallen in love with a new fashion line. It's called Best Behavior, a women's contemporary line by Danish designers Marie Oberg and Malene Brochner. These unusual silhouettes give the collection a lot of personality, but the simple fabrics and neutral colors also keep it casual. It's basically a high end version of my personal style. They currently have stores in Denmark, but the collection should soon be available online. I will be checking for it daily.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Man on Wire

I rented Man on Wire after a friend recommended it and this movie is truly amazing. Some might think Philippe was crazy, but I find his passion all the more magnificent and breathtaking. It won an Oscar this year for Best Documentary and I can see why. This is one movie that will really inspire you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

aww, rats?

Today, I've been researching for a campaign for PF Chang's. I was looking at Chinese Astrology signs only to find out that I am a different sign than I've always thought. I guess I received some inaccurate information from a Chinese takeout box and/or place mat at some point, but all along I thought I was an Ox. However, I am actually a Rat. This kind of grossed me out until I read about this sign. Take a gander:

"Though the Western rat is reviled as little more than a bottom-dwelling disease carrier, this animal is viewed much differently in the East. The Eastern rat is revered for its quick wits and its ability to accrue and hold on to items of value; rats are considered a symbol of good luck and wealth in both China and Japan. Clever and quick-witted, the Rat of the Chinese Zodiac is utterly disarming to boot. Possessed of excellent taste, this Sign flaunts its style at every turn. Its natural charm and sharp, funny demeanor make it an appealing friend for almost anyone. The Rat likes to know who is on its side and will treat its most loyal friends with an extra measure of protection and generosity.

Behind that sweet smile, though, Rats are keen and unapologetic promoters of their own agendas. This Sign is motivated by its own interests, which often include money; greed can become a problem if the Rat isn't careful to keep its priorities straight. This Sign's natural powers of charm and persuasion can definitely come in handy! Although they are often hoarders, Rats can be very generous to those in their pack, namely friends and family members who have proven their loyalty. Others might perceive them as quick-tempered and sharp-tongued, but never boorish. Verbal jousting is a great pleasure for the Rat, a Sign that everyone around will quickly learn either to love or to hate.

Rats enjoy being on the outside looking in, as the outside affords a view into the inner workings of a system or situation. The Rat's keen mind always seeks out new knowledge, to be stored away for future use. This ever-curious Sign also welcomes challenges as a way to stay sharp. If boredom sets in the Rat is no fun at all, but that isn't likely; this Sign knows how to keep itself entertained."

Most Compatible Matches: Rat, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Pig

Learn more about your sign at Chinese Astrology

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where do I pick mine up?

Spring Desires

Just a few things on my wish list for this spring.

Ruffle Clutch by madebyhank

Floral Headband from

Wedges from MaxStudio

Mint Green Dress and Brown Knit Hat found on Ebay Fashion Addict

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dancing Bird

This little one puts my dance moves to shame.

When you know you're a creative thinker.

I love this campaign for the AAA School of Advertising. The ads were done by South African agency, The Jupiter Drawing Room. To all the right-brained people out there who might not have received straight A's by traditional scholastic measurement -- I believe this campaign proves not only do we have a different way thinking about things, but we might actually be smarter. Maybe.

(Click to for larger view)

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africe
Creative Directors: Graham Warsop, Michael Blore
Copywriter: Lwazi Mkhize
Art Director: Saki Piliso
Illustrator: Saki Piliso

Snow Day

March 1st. Rent's due. Spring's just around the corner. And it's snowing in Atlanta.