Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mad about Mad Men

Being in advertising, I can't help but join the millions of followers of the AMC TV show Mad Men. It's such a terrific period piece. Everything, from the wardrobe, to the plot line, to the mannerisms of the 1960s was considered. I really admire how well the writers and producers pay such close attention to detail. In fact, I'm so enthralled with the show, that today I entered the Mad Men Casting Call Contest, for a chance to win a walk on role as an extra in an upcoming episode. I'd love if you could take a minute and vote for me! Click here to VOTE and you can view my picture below (image care of the very talented Mr. Jimmy Johnston). You can vote once a day, so don't forget to vote tomorrow too. And the next day. And the day after that. Who knows, maybe I'll get to meet the very handsome and seductive Don Draper and get everyone some autographs.

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H&M Fashion Against Aids

I'm totally in love with this new collection from H&M. Not only are the pieces super edgy, but the entire collection raises awareness and funds for the AIDS campaign. Check out these new geometric inspired duds and accessories. Gotta love guilt-free shopping.

bottom image from

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Baby Shower for the soon to be Robert Wilson Barlow

I wanted to share some photos of a lovely baby shower I attended for my friend Ashley earlier today. Thrown by our good friends Alden, Alie and Kristin, the table settings were so chic and sophisticated. The food was absolutely delicious (a chocolate fondue fountain? yes, please!). And the decorations and present wrappings were so precious! I had a great time catching up with old friends and although I won't be having my own baby shower anytime soon, I hope someone else close to us gets preggers soon so we can have another fun get together.

Congrats to Ashley and Alan Barlow!
I have to also give a special nod to Mrs. Cynthia Gaertner, whose great taste and design aesthetic is that to be envied!

Tiffany Exhibition at the VMFA

For my mom's birthday, and in an effort to stay cool in the 107 degree heat, she and I went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to check out the Tiffany Exhibit... and how well their AC was working.

The glasswork — stained-glass windows, lampshades and vases — by Lewis C. Tiffany is phenominal. Not to mention, I have a fond love of Tiffany jewelry (I mean, what girl doesn't?). The history behind the evolution of Tiffany & Co. is pretty interesting. It's a great exhibit to see if you're looking for something fun to do in your downtime. The rest of the museum also has some terrific pieces and is well worth the trip. Check it out soon if you can, the exhibit only lasts until Aug 15th!

Ellwood Café

I've spent the past few days visiting friends and family in Richmond. The other day, I came across this new eatery and thought I'd share with anyone who lives in the area.

Now, if you're from Richmond, you undoubtedly know what Ellwood Thompson's is. For those that don't, it's an all-natural grocery store that buys most of its produce from local farmers. Late last year, it opened up a coffee shop/café right across the parking lot in Carytown called Ellwood Café. Until recently, I hadn't gotten a chance to go. Wait, that's not true. I once got a delicious Chai Latte on a quick shopping stint. So let me rephrase that. I hadn't gotten the chance to sample the food. And wow... was I missing out.

This quaint, hole-in-the-wall café reminds me of something you'd find in Seattle or Portland (they say Richmond has a similar mentality of those two places, so it's no surprise we have similar coffee shops). None of the chairs match. Hip kids working behind the counter. There are old books and boardgames on the shelves. And the food is fantastic — all natural and fresh. Mmmm, delish!

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Pug(gle) Love for the Day

A caricature of Hazel?
I'm partial, but this might be the cutest thing EVER!

Many thanks to Erik Huffine who offered up his services to help raise money for the Arts Council of Winston-Salem.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Textile Canvas Postcards

Artist Gillian Bates has come up with a new use for her textile canvas paintings — turning them into postcards! With the use of heavy card stock, she's able to digitally convert her designs onto these unique mailers. Her designs are super-precious btw. Check out her Etsy shop to see more of her work.

Pencil vs. Camera

How cool are these half pencil, half photograph images by Ben Heine?

Shared by Adam Jackson via Best Bookmarks

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Henry Cavill. Enough said.

One of my favorite Showtime series, The Tudors, has come to an end. Tear. Followed by a few more tears. Where and when am I going to see more of the attractive Henry Cavill, who plays Henry VIII's brother-in-law The Duke of Suffolk in the Tudors? Well, come to find out he will be playing the Greek god Theseus in the 2011 flick Immortals. In the mean time, check out these gorgeous photos for French Twist by famed photographer Lionel Guyou of Bird Production. Ladies, you're welcome!

photos by Lionel Guyou

A different mode of Self-Expression

How awesome are these art inspired tattoos? Amanda Wachob has turned her unique painting style into permanent ink. So now artists can have that "just-stepped-out-of-the-studio look" all the time. Take a look at some of her tattoo designs as well as her other paintings. Pretty cool stuff...
found via Hey Susy

when your wallet needs a change

How great are these chic coin purses designed by Bagatelles & Co.? Go ahead and switch up your wallet for a change. They also have some beautiful clutches in an array of patterns and colors.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts of Paris

On my flight back from LA, the flight attendant announced over the loud speaker for all passengers who would be continuing on the flight to Paris to please remain on the plane as others de-board for further flight information. Paris, huh? This flight is continuing on to Paris? Paris sounds nice. I've never been. What if I were to just stay in my seat? Do you think the flight attendant would notice? Would my co-workers question why I didn't show up for work the next day? Oh, I just took a quick trip to Paris, be back next week... maybe. Ahh, a girl can dream, can't she?
Here are some fun Paris inspired links:

an amazing line of French dresses famous for it's vintage construction and romantic detailing

Paris's DIY sewing shop where designers can rent sewing machines by the hour, even take weekly workshops

one of my favorite French illustrators has gained a lot of attention in the past year
check out her blog
follow her on Twitter

I love French wallpaper, like this blue toile one from Roaming Pixels

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