Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts of Paris

On my flight back from LA, the flight attendant announced over the loud speaker for all passengers who would be continuing on the flight to Paris to please remain on the plane as others de-board for further flight information. Paris, huh? This flight is continuing on to Paris? Paris sounds nice. I've never been. What if I were to just stay in my seat? Do you think the flight attendant would notice? Would my co-workers question why I didn't show up for work the next day? Oh, I just took a quick trip to Paris, be back next week... maybe. Ahh, a girl can dream, can't she?
Here are some fun Paris inspired links:

an amazing line of French dresses famous for it's vintage construction and romantic detailing

Paris's DIY sewing shop where designers can rent sewing machines by the hour, even take weekly workshops

one of my favorite French illustrators has gained a lot of attention in the past year
check out her blog
follow her on Twitter

I love French wallpaper, like this blue toile one from Roaming Pixels

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