Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks for the sign that summer has truly arrived (92 degrees!).
Thanks for friends who I could spend all day and night with (and have).
Thanks for some relaxing time at the pool and a few delicious cocktails (Bloody Mary's, yum!).
Thanks for a 3-day weekend.
But most importantly, thanks to all of those who fought and died for our country.

Hope everyone has an fun-filled Memorial Day!

Red, White and Blue Picnic via Bargain Hoot

Meeting Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog

Last weekend, I took a trip to DC to visit some friends. It was also the perfect excuse to take a side excursion to Leesburg, VA for the Luckett's Spring Market. I met some amazing people and found a few really great pieces for my new apartment. However, one vendor in particular really caught my eye. Miss Mustard Seed's booth was by far one of my favorites. Marian, who owns Mustard Seed Interiors, has such a great eye for design and her sense of style and aesthetic design seems to be exactly on par with mine. Her dressers, buffets and side tables are each unique in their own right. Her French-inspired arm chairs are also to die for. And not to mention, Marian is extremely friendly, outgoing and appreciative of all those who follow her blog. You can see all of her hand-painted, refinished furniture on her blog, website or at Luckett's Store, where she sells most of her pieces. Whether you're looking to refurnish a room or simply find some creative inspiration, check out Miss Mustard Seed's blog when you get the chance!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I can't help but fall for Helplessness Blues

Earlier this month, Fleet Foxes released Helplessness Blues, a follow-up to their 2008 Sun Giant EP and Self-Titled LP. Though bloggers are calling the new album "deeper and darker," I'm finding their more mature sound riveting, intoxicating and highly addictive. This compilation of highly complex lyrics and melodies is also said to be "moodier." Well, if by "moodier" they mean it puts me in a great mood, well then I'll have to agree. Check it out when you get the chance!

I especially love the song Lorelai.
Give it a listen.

Fleet Foxes - Lorelai (Seattle, WA 2011)

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan!
May your folk music legacy reign, and rock, on.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Espresso for the Exhausted

It's been a pretty long week. With work and painting/moving into my new Fan apartment, I've had very little time for blogging... apologies! In addition, my attempt to give up caffeine has ended in utter defeat as I've been waking up every morning, sleepy-eyed and craving a latte... or a cappuccino... or a French pressed bold-Colombian blend. At this point, anything will suffice. Let's hope I have enough energy to stay awake for my fun-filled, 3-day weekend in DC with my girl friends from college. If not, a quick stop at a local coffee shop should do the trick.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we all know it's true...

Hysterical find for anyone who works in advertising.

Planting Seedz of Inspiration

Thank goodness for Design Seedz, a DIY craft blog that not only fills my To-Do list with fun at-home projects, but also serves up some fresh content for my blog (which has been lacking lately). Rachel Bukstein and Jennifer Schwartz, both savvy crafters as well as fellow Creative Circus grads (hey hey!), love coming up with unique DIY creations. This Leather and Nuts bracelet, especially caught my eye. I've seen a few versions on this hardware inspired wrist wrap floating around the blogosphere lately, but this one looks like something I could actually do! I'm looking forward to testing my crafty talents and I'm excited to see what other fun ideas these Design Seederz will cultivate next.

Photos by James Brooks via Design Seedz

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It Gets Better

Check out this inspirational video for Google Chrome: It Gets Better, put together by some very talented folks at BBH New York. Filled with emotion and reassurance, the commercial promotes the "It Gets Better" Project, an initiative that gives gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered and other bullied teens the hope that one day everything will in fact, get better. It's a refreshing dose of people encouraging people, communities forming in the name of a cause and the outpour of love and support. It's humanity at its best.