Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I want the new iPad. Bad.

I'm in love with the new iPad. It's like my iPhone and MacBook rolled into one. Thank you Steve Jobs.
Starting at only $500?? Sign me up.

Watch the demonstration video at Apple


I love these pieces of jewelry I spotted in this month's NYLON.
Check out Artifacts by Casey and see her really unique style.
Again, if you're deciding what to give me for my birthday... : )

"I like making things that don't follow the traditional notion of what jewelry is supposed to be," says Brooklyn-based designer Casey Perez of her line, Artifacts by Casey.

Book City Jackets

Book City Jackets, besides having a bad ass website, let's you design your own book covers.
Really cool idea for high school kids or simply adding some flare to your bookshelf.

Hey Trici, found these on a blog, weren't we going to do ads for them?
I still like that idea....

My Winter Weather Mix Includes Cute Sweaters

They're calling for snow this weekend. I better bundle up in a cute sweater like this...

Bill Tornade Cardigan found on Le Blog de Betty

Sadie Olive

I just moved into my new rental house. It was built in 1936 and definitely has an old vintage feel. It's a cute little cottage in Ardmore Winston-Salem. In the midst of trying to decorate, I was inspired by these photos by Sadie Olive (cute name too, btw). Check out some of her photos and other decor items on her Etsy shop. Adding this to my birthday wishlist...

Pictures of the new casa coming soon...


Cute lil' baby. Hope this makes you smile.

Thanks Trici!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summit on the Summit

If you haven't already heard about this, I wanted to tell you about Summit on the Summit. A group of celebrities, including my personal fav Emile Hirsch, climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro last week in order to raise awareness about the global clean water crisis. Sorry I'm jumping on the band wagon with this a little late but I believe you can still donate or find out a way you an contribute. Visit Summit on the Summit to learn more (it's a pretty cool website, btw) and check out their Tweets from the trek.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I believe it came fully assembled.

This campaign for Mini Amsterdam is pretty clever for an ambient piece done right after Christmas. Mini Cooper advertising is always clever. Mini stocking stuffers? Ugh, jealous.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Make Your Teux Deux List

Thanks Trici for this find. It's definitely helping me put my life in order, and since I love to make lists, this calendar is perfect for me. Just set it to one of your Top Sites and you're ready to go.

Pug Love for the day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great Ad Archive

Believe in this...

Michael Cera's Jersey Shore Makeover

Hysterical. Did I mention I love Michael Cera? Or should I call him "The Ceranation"?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello Real World, It's Nice to Meet You

Oh yeah... forgot to tell you... I started a new job yesterday. My art director / best friend / dudebrain (inside joke) and I got hired as a junior creative team at Mullen Advertising. So far we've been very busy, doing very important things - like setting up the hot corners on my new Mac and deciding exactly where my stapler should go. As you can tell, it has been a little slow since it's the beginning of the new year but things will pick up soon enough. Angelle and I just got put on our first account so we're waiting to get briefed so we can start making amazing ads. We're excited. Oh, and Nerf Gun Wednesdays - 'nuff said.

Check out this hot shop that I'm now calling my second home: MULLEN

Good Morning!

Yesterday, I started my career... and my morning with one of my favorite Christmas presents - the Decor Craft I Am Not a Paper Cup ceramic coffee mug. It's a reusable, dishwasher safe coffee mug with a rubber top so you can have your cup of joe on the go. It's the perfect accessory to go with the new Keurig Coffee maker in the break room at work. This awesome invention should be dubbed the "idiot proof coffee maker" (and when it's your first day on the job, you can appreciate things like this... even though my new friend Tom had to show me how to use it.) Anyway, check out both of these amazing creations. And feed that addiction of yours. Mine happens to be for both caffeine and cool new gadgets.