Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello Real World, It's Nice to Meet You

Oh yeah... forgot to tell you... I started a new job yesterday. My art director / best friend / dudebrain (inside joke) and I got hired as a junior creative team at Mullen Advertising. So far we've been very busy, doing very important things - like setting up the hot corners on my new Mac and deciding exactly where my stapler should go. As you can tell, it has been a little slow since it's the beginning of the new year but things will pick up soon enough. Angelle and I just got put on our first account so we're waiting to get briefed so we can start making amazing ads. We're excited. Oh, and Nerf Gun Wednesdays - 'nuff said.

Check out this hot shop that I'm now calling my second home: MULLEN


Angelle said...

Allison and I have very important errands to run after our extremely busy day at work. For example, going to the local Walmart to pick out the most intense nerf guns we can find so we can make a name for the brunettes here at mullen.

Allison Williams said...

my nerf gun sucked, def. need a more high tech one. oh well, you live you learn. and some people get hit it eye.