Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just saw The Virgins at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta this past weekend and was blown away by this band. Their opener Anya Marina, an L.A. based acoustic singer with an amazing voice, gave a great live show and entertained with her Percocet induced humor. The following band Lissy Trullie was also a fun performance with a little more New York grunge feel and authenticity in their sound. But the best act of the night, obviously, was the headliner, The Virgins. Although they've been around since 2005, they've become more popular this past year by joining Nylon's summer music tour as well as having their songs featured on the hit show Gossip Girl (a personal fav!). The Virgin's music is fun and playful with a lot of pop hooks but also feels nostalgic with powerful R&B baselines and the lead singer's "Mick Jagger" dance moves. If you like new hipster/indie bands with great live shows, check them out.

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