Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Decorating on a Budget

It's hard to get excited about decorating for Christmas when you live in a small, urban apartment with a roommate... while also living on a budget. However, the designer/crafter in me couldn't resist incorporating some holiday flare into my humble abode. Here are a few ways that I decorated without breaking the bank. I also have some ideas for extra craft projects listed below.

Garland - borrowed
Candle Sticks and Holders - borrowed
Mini Tree - $5 (Ben Franklin)
Silver Balls - $1 (Target)
Small Knit Stockings - $3 each (Target)
Red Basket - borrowed
Pine Cones - FREE
Vintage Tool Box - $8 (Williamsburg Antique Store)
White Spray Paint - $5
Linens & Red Napkins - borrowed
Wine Bottle - reused
Ball Jars - reused
Holly Sprout - FREE


A few other craft projects that I have in mind:

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