Friday, August 20, 2010

Chelsea Market, NYC

In all of my trips to New York, I some how managed to completely bypass the Chelsea Market. I'd heard about it many of times, even made it a point to go once or twice, but never made it. Well, lo and behold a recent business trip to Manhattan lead me to the Maritime Hotel to meet with directors for a shoot. The Maritime Hotel just happened to be right across the street from the Chelsea Market. So, what did I do on my lunch break? Well, besides tasting a lobster roll from the Lobster Place directly followed by a red velvet cupcake from Ruthy's, I took a few, not so candid, photos of the market. It's such a cool modge podge of shops, eateries and interesting people. Definitely go next time your in the city (although, I'm assuming most visitors to the city have already scratched this off their "to-do" list) but if not, check it out!

Chelsea Market Baskets
The Filling Station
The Lobster Place
One Lucky Duck
Posman Books

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