Monday, February 4, 2008

Who Made the Cut - Super Bowl 2008

Last night, the NY Giants came back to beat the undefeated New England Patriots and claimed the championship title in Super Bowl XLII (42). As much as I love football, the game seemed to drag on up until the 4th quarter and the only thing holding my interest for three and a half hours were the commercial breaks. Well, that, and a little Rock Band session during halftime where I scored a 94% on the guitar (I know, amazing... right?)

As I was reading some of the reviews this morning for the 2008 Super Bowl ads, they all seemed to complain about the constant use of "frat boy humor". Now, granite I just graduated from college and I was watching a FOOTBALL game, but I found the frat boy humor to be pretty f*cking hilarious. So here's my run down of favorite Super Bowl ads for 2008:

5. Bridgestone "Headlights" - First a deer, then Alice Cooper, then Richard Simmons doing jumping jacks. What could be creepier to see on a winding dark road? My friend thought it would have been better to have Gene Simmons and his 8-inch... tongue. I thought, "That is fantastic!"

4. Vitamin Water "Horse Race" - Honestly, I thought this ad was a great use of celebrity endorsement. Shaq as a jockey? I can't believe he could even get on the horse! But I must say, I was completely surprised to hear it was for Vitamin Water? huh?

3. Doritos "Mouse Trap" - What gets better than a guy in a mouse suit? They should have combined this one with Bud Light's "Wine and Cheese" party.

2. Amp "Jumpstart" - Donkey Lips... enough said.

1. E*Trade "Babies I and II" - Now if a talking baby doesn't get me to use E*Trade, I'm not sure what else will. Hey kid, thinking about the stock exchange and all of those numbers kind of makes me want to vomit too. Oh and clowns, they're totally creepy!

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