Friday, February 20, 2009

Bubbles at a Higher Altitude

I am currently in Boulder, Colorado, just 30 minutes outside of the mile high city of Denver. I'm taking a little vacay from school, visiting friends, and checking out Crispin, Porter, & Bogusky while I'm here. It's absolutely beautiful today: sunny and warm. Earlier I walked along Pearl St. in the main "downtown" area and found the cutest card shop called Bliss. After spending way too much time there, I headed down the street to a coffee shop called The Cup. So here I am writing on my blog instead of doing school work. But seriously, who is going to travel halfway across the country to get away from school only to sit in a similar coffee shop and do work. Instead, I'm people watching, taking in the local culture, and drinking an amazing Chai Latte. Andy took the bus to work this morning. Yes, CPB has a bus called the Disruptive Thinker Transport that picks up its employees at several locations throughout the town. This thing looks like an old prison bus, but regardless of its exterior, it comes equipped with WiFi and jazz music. This is making me all the more interested in this agency. Actually, I will be leaving in a minute to go visit, not exactly sure what to expect.

Disruptive Thinker Transport

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