Sunday, February 1, 2009

The older you get, the more interesting you become. (Let's hope!)

In honor of my 24th birthday, here are 24 random (yet, extremely interesting) facts about me that you might not have known before. Hope you enjoy!

1. Apparently, I think it's perfectly acceptable to divulge personal facts on the internet.
2. I really can’t spell but I want to be a writer.
3. I don’t like music snobs, but I have recently come to the realization that I am one.
4. I don’t like hypocrites (please ignore the statement above).
5. If you’re a guy in a band, you have totally won my heart.
6. My puggle is smarter than your 5th grade honor student (well, most of the time).
7. I have a weird (yet, I think it’s perfectly normal) obsession with Slash from Guns n’ Roses.
8. When I was little, I hated my name and insisted that everyone call me Moon. (I went through my hippie phase early in life).
9. I believe I was meant to be a teenager during the 80s.
10. I am an only child.
11. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was eight years old because I got food poisoning from a hamburger from Fuddruckers.
12. When I was seven, I was on Double Dare and I had to eat slime. It was vanilla pudding with green food coloring.
13. One day, later in life, I want to open my own Pilates studio.
14. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. I love them so buy them for me =).
15. I believe I have missed out on many of life’s opportunities due to the fact that my last name begins with a W.
16. One of the best weeks of my life was my high school senior year spring break. Not too many weeks have been able to compare.
17. I was named the “Best Dressed Girl” by my high school senior superlatives and consider it one of my greatest accomplishments to date.
18. I have never been to Europe and need to go immediately.
19. I can speak fluent jiberish. (Or shall I say jithgibethgerithgish.)
20. Everytime I read my horoscope, I believe it was written solely for me.
21. I can sing all of the states in alphabetical order and thought this was a true talent until I met a bunch of people that could do the same.
22. I’m not a morning person. Not really a night person. I’m a late afternoon/early evening kind of person.
23. I wish I could take beautiful pictures like my photographer friends.
24. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye and I plan to name my firstborn son, Holden. (Even though he comes off as being deeply disturbed.)

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