Friday, February 20, 2009

People's Trend Watch

According to People Style Watch magazine, there are many new trends for 2009. Some of which I could have seen coming, while others I was pleasantly surprised by. However, the most surprising thing I came across while reading this magazine was that there are people who do this for a living. Various companies (think: magazines, blogs, and yes, even ad agencies) hire people as "trendspotters" and "trendwatchers." I had always assumed that creative shops and periodicals researched current trends but I had no idea there was an actual position for this. Of course, there was no major in my college curriculum called "trendspotting" and this sure doesn't sound like a noble profession. But, to tell you the truth, it actually sounds more like my dream profession. I've always been one to hop on trends and start some of my own. In high school, I was named "Best Dressed Girl" for my senior superlatives and consider it one of my greatest accomplishments to date. Even today, I try new styles and wear clothes that others wouldn't dare, simply to stand out. It's part of my nature to be different and creative and what better way to do so than to start a trend or jump on an up-and-coming trend before the mainstream population. I seek out lesser known bands that are hiding under the radar of the music scene. I search for local art galleries and lesser known artists in my area. I ask my friends what they're into to get insight. I read blogs, books about pop culture, and yes, even gossip magazines to get inspired. The trend list for 2009 includes some pretty interesting things. Vinyl records are coming back, 3G navigation maps are the new GPS system, and goodbye pomegranate, yumberry is the new "it" fruit of the year. Trends like these may seem trivial to some, but in the advertising industry, they're everything. So I will continue to seek out trends and come up with new and innovative ideas to add to my portfolio. Oh, and Ann Mack (Director of Trendspotting at JWT) if you are reading this, I want your job!

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