Saturday, November 21, 2009

i am neurotic (sort of)

This new book called i am neurotic. by Lianna Kong has got me thinking. I've really never considered myself neurotic, but after reading some of these blog posts, I thought about little things I do that might constitute neuroses. For example, I have a shower routine. First, I shampoo my hair, then wash my face... the rest follows in a certain order. If for some reason I mess up this order, I must start all over again.

A few of my other neurotic tendencies:
I cannot touch a sponge (they totally gross me out). But then again, so do dirty dishes.
I have to sleep with at least 6 pillows on my bed at all times (& certain pillows must be on top).
Smudges on my cell phone and/or computer screen really distract me.
I always set my alarm clock for 3 minutes before the time I need to wake up (8:27 am for example). I'm scared that if I set it for the exact time, I'm doomed to run late.

What are you neurotic about? Tell me, tell me! I'm totally interested to know...
Oh, and take a gander at Kong's book i am neurotic (and so are you).

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