Thursday, February 25, 2010

Terrific PR Idea

Garnier Fructis's Rock Your Style Salon will offer complimentary shampoos, hair styling, free samples, and more during the Bonnaroo Music Festival this year. Now, not only was I excited about not having to go 4 whole days with unwashed hair, I actually thought this was a pretty cool PR idea. I mean... talk about finding people when they need to wash their hair the most. (Hello, sweaty hipsters.) I think it's great that Garnier is offering this service while also promoting the their brand.

Thanks Laura for the find.
I'm already counting down the days.


Jordan said...

it's funny that Bonnaroo now consists of hipsters rather than hippies...

Allison Williams said...

Yep. Hipsters are the new hippies. Although I'm sure there will be a few old hippies still lingering around.