Friday, March 12, 2010

Still Love the V-Dub

Hate my new VW dealership, but I still love my VW.

image via We Heart It via TUMBLR

VW has had some of the best advertising throughout the years. Below are a few links to my favorite VW campaigns. And while you're at it, read about what their current ad shop, Deutsch LA, is doing for the brand and the origination of the "Punch Buggy" idea on

Lemon DDB NY circa 1960s
Drivers Wanted Arnold first launched 1995
Beige with Red Leather DDB Italy 2007
The Beetles (Abbey Road) Bates Reklamebrya, Norway 2007
Homage to the Hippie Van DDB, Paris 2008
VW PunchDub Deutsch LA 2010

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