Friday, March 5, 2010

High Buns are the New Side Braids

It could be laziness or the fact that I haven't cut my hair in four months. But I've started wearing my hair in a bun on the top of my head. Like, on the very top of my head. I've seen a few models sporting this look in fashion magazines, but nothing too widespread yet. So I'm calling it now. In the spectrum of hairstyles - high buns are the new side braid. They're fun, quick, and easy.

Thank you Edward Sharpe. Thank you skinny fashion models. And thank you onslaught laziness for teaching me that great hair doesn't always require hours of styling.


Trici said...

Maybe not wide spread in the little city you are living in now, but its HUGE everywhere else. hehe OOOO oooooo Allison. SOMEONE is out of the loop.
Hehehe. love you and your high bun..xoxoxo

Allison Williams said...

Yes, I've been liking this trend for a while but just started wearing my hair this way.