Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OK Go's This Too Shall Pass

Speaking of amazing videos...

I am in love with OK Go's This Too Shall Pass music video that debuted last month.
(You might remember their sensational choreographed treadmill dance in Here It Goes Again.)
Their newest video features one of the all time best Rube Goldberg machines.
Remember those? Mouse Trap anyone? That famous fence opening contraption in the Goonies?
Anyway, take a look. And check out the behind the scenes making of the video here. I heard it took over 96 takes. Yikes!

This video was directed by James Frost of Zoo Films, who has also directed videos for Norah Jones, Coldplay, & Radiohead to name a few.
Now, I just have to write a commercial that he could direct. That, or one that features a Rube Goldberg.


Amanda said...

wow that took a lot of planning. i love ok go

Allison Williams said...

Me too! Such a cool video, right?