Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Clouds

So I wanted to share this amazing short film with you. Why is it so amazing? Well besides being created by some of the most talented people I know, I'm in it! Well, I make about a .25 second cameo as an extra. Ha ha. But seriously, some of my coworkers came up with this short film called In the Clouds for the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project. The plot revolves around a guy who is bored with his life. He lives in this fantasy world which soon consumes his interest as he falls for a beautiful girl on the billboard outside of his office window. I was really impressed with the end product. And apparently, so was the audience who voted it "Audience Award Winner" for its group at the premier. Not to mention is was all written, performed and edited in one weekend! Job well done to everyone who was involved!

Project Requirements: a clutter coach, a bandana & the line "you think you know everything"
The Brains Behind the Project:
Evan Pease
Bethany Novak
Mark Adler
Elizabeth Bragg
There were many other contributions so refer to the video to see all who helped out!


Evan said...

Hey thanks for the awesome plug! We'll keep you posted about the awards show on July 8th. fingers crossed!

Allison Williams said...

Of course! Definitely keep me posted!