Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So a few weeks ago, I joined a few of my girl friends down in Seaside, Florida for a bachelorette weekend. Amidst the many cocktails, crazy stories, hours on the beach and the never-ending topic of "vajazzling," I managed to sneak away to check out Rosemary Beach with my friend Val. Dressed in my bikini, beach cover-up and flip-flops, let's just say I was, well, incredibly under dressed. This ritzy hot spot felt like something you'd see in Europe, certainly not something I would associate with a small beach town. However, while the atmosphere didn't necessarily tickle my cozy beach-cottage fancy, one store in particular caught my attention.

Tracery, is this amazing boutique filled with unique furnishing and inspiring design ideas. They even have there own blog! (Which I am now following.) All in all, their shabby chic furnishings and rustic antiques certainly satisfied my craving for something a little less glamorous. Now, do they rent this store out my the week? I'd like to stay here next time I visit.

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