Friday, February 25, 2011

Banksy in LA

To promote his new Academy Award nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, famous/notorious (depending how you look at it) British graffiti artist, Banksy, has been seen all over LA. Well, sort of. While he has remained ever so slyly under-the-radar, his artwork has been popping up on walls, in alleys and even on billboards around town. His pre-Oscar campaigning is certainly unorthodox compared to the Hollywood stars who are giving press interviews this week, but comes as no-shock to Banksy fans. Many are wondering if he'll actually make an appearance at the Academy Awards this Sunday. And what if his documentary wins? Will someone accept the Oscar on his behalf? Well, the folks of the prestigious Academy have already made it clear that they're denying entrance to anyone claiming to be him. But not necessarily for discriminatory reasons or the fact that a graffiti artist might not be held to the Academy's high standards, but honestly because they won't know if it's really him. What if some Joe-Shmo walked up on stage to accept the award? No one would know the difference! I, for one, hope he does show - clad with a suit, hoodie and monkey mask. I'm sure the paparazzi will be waiting by the gift shop's exit to snap a photo.

info and images via The LA Times

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