Monday, February 7, 2011

My Top Super Bowl Picks (Commercial picks, I mean.)

I never met a VW ad that I didn't like. And the Darth Vader Passat ad is no exception. Well done Deutsch LA, well done! Favorite ad of the night, by far!

Besides some of the expected Bud Light ads, overall, I thought that this year's Super Bowl Ads were pretty good. Here are a few choice contenders that I felt were worth noting.

Chrysler: Detroit. Even if you’re not an Eminem fan, you can’t deny that this devout Detroit native was the right man for the job. His song, “Lose Yourself,” set the epic undertones to this moving piece of art. And, yes, I'm calling it art! With a running time of two minutes and its high quality cinematic value, this commercial looked more like a short-length film than an ad. It pays homage to both a great American brand and a great American city as it explores Detroit’s tumultuous past and shares an excitement for the future with the introduction of the Chrysler 200.

Best Buy: Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osborne. You really can't go wrong when you put Ozzy in a commercial. And as for the Biebs... wait, what's a Bieber? Chimps. All I have to say is: chimpanzees, suits, and a car sandwich. WIN! These fun-loving apes never get old.

Doritos: Pug. Okay, so there might not be much thinking behind this Doritos spot. But everyone knows if you put a baby or puppy in your ad, your commercial will be adored by all. And if you know me AT ALL, you must realize my weakness for smooshed faces, pudgy cheeks and heavy snorts. Seriously, you could be selling asphalt and if you put a pug in your commercial, I'd probably be out paving our driveways the next day.

Doritos: House Sitting. He brings his friend's dead grandfather back to like with Doritos. Enough said.

Coca-Cola: Border Crossing. During perhaps the loudest spectator sport of the year, Coca-Cola chose to air a simple, dignified spot that tells the story of a complex relationship without using any dialog. For thirty seconds, Coke conveyed a message of “sharing happiness” in almost utter silence. However, I believe that their ingenious thinking speaks volumes. Someone deserves a metal. Or a Coca-Cola.

Audi: Escape Old Luxury. The car ads certainly hit a home run during this year’s Super Bowl. Or should I say, made a touchdown? Either way, Audi’s idea to “Escape the Confines of Old Luxury” seemed ironically fresh. Come on. An ad with a taxidermy Dodo bird, a pack of "hounds" and a Kenny G cameo, how can you forget this one?

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