Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New York Day 3

You won't believe what we did today! We got brunch. Again. And waited an extremely long time for this restaurant on Houston but I guess that's what you do on Sundays in the city. We were all a little hungover (and therefore grouchy because we wanted food) from the night before. Saturday night was a blast. We started off the night at Jordan's friend's party. He has an apartment on the Upper West side on Park. This place was amazing- roof top access, an elevator, nice beverages, the works. We also brought jello shots that soon became the hit of the party. After that we went to a bar, I think it was called Sui Sui but I could be wrong about the name. It was filled with people from UGA and Richmond. I love that, I come to NYC and see everyone I know. It's a pretty small world. However, my main concern for the night was getting Ray's Pizza which I had been craving for hours. So Jordan's roommates and I went home early (and by early I mean around 2:30). I proceeded to walk 4 blocks by myself in order to get a slice of pizza (which of course I regretted the next morning) but at the time, I couldn't have been happier.

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