Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New York Day 4

Monday was an interesting day to say the least. Angelle and I decided to go visit her friend Melissa in Williamsburg. I was super pumped to go because I've been dying to see what all the hype is about (and I was also hoping to run into one of my favorite bands, you know just on the street or something). However, it was raining. And cold. And windy. So windy, that my umbrella (ella, ella) kept flipping inside out every other block. Once we got off the subway in Brooklyn, we had no idea which way to go so we just started walking. We got lost at one point in little Israel where all the kids had yamakas and we couldn't read any of the signs since they were in Hebrew. I felt like we were in a different century (or at least something comparable to Amish country). Thank goodness for the maps on our iphones that brought us back to the 21st century! Once we found our way, we started heading towards a diner where we were meeting Angelle's friend for lunch. It was a pretty long walk and I think I pouted a couple of times. I really just wanted to hail a friggin' cab, but apparently cabs do not exist in Brooklyn. So we kept walking. I saw a few hipster kids and felt a little comfort. We finally got to the diner, ate lunch, and headed back to the city. I wish I had gotten to see more. I'll be back for sure, but next time it will be on a warm, sunny day with a GPS system.

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