Friday, April 4, 2008

New York Day 8

This morning I got to sleep in which was amazing. Besides the honks and sirens outside, I enjoyed a few extra hours of rest. Kim and I ventured uptown and went to the Guggenheim Museum. I was a little disappointed because part of the permanent collection was closed for restoration so I didn't get to see a lot of my favorite paintings. But the main exhibit was by Cai Guo-Quiang who uses ink and gun powder in most of his pieces. All of the paintings were life size canvases and were pretty powerful to see. The rest of the afternoon we sat at Kim's apartment and watched MTV. Why you might ask... I'm really not sure. I really don't think I enjoy a single show on that network (wait, I take that back, I love The Hills) but other than that, most of the shows on MTV are pretty trashy. And when on earth do they play music videos? That channel seriously needs to change its name. Anyway, we watched Parental Control, where parents (one's with extremely low values and morals) choose significant others for their son or daughter because they hate the their current significant others. The way these kids talk to their parents blows my mind. I know it's all for TV but my parents would disown me if I talked to them like some of these kids talk to their parents. However, as cheesy and trashy as this show is, it was pretty funny. Maybe because Kim was imitating the pleasantly plump girl with the flower in her hair but I found myself laughing pretty hard. Okay, enough about this show, we're going to Caroline's Comedy Club tonight to see Kim's friend perform. His name is Colin Kane and he's supposed to be a pretty big deal (I mean he does have a website...). I've never been to see a live stand up comic before so I'm really excited. Drinks, laughing, drinks, falling, drinks, making people feel awkward, drinks, stealing the jukebox from Georgia Bar, drinks... Kim and I always manage to have a good time!

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