Thursday, April 3, 2008

New York Day 7

Today, Kim and I walked around Greenwich Village. I got to see part of NYU, Washington Square, the market at Union Square, the Flat Iron building, and the trannys on Christopher Street/Gay Street. (It's really named Gay Street). What I loved most about The Village was that everywhere I looked, people were walking their dogs. Kim and I even found a pet store and went in and played with the puppies. One baby black pug was jumping around like a maniac and pouncing on all of the other puppies who were trying to sleep. We dubbed this one the "Hazel" of the bunch. Did I mention that I miss my dog? I have been away from Hazel for 12 days now and it seems like forever. Yes, I miss my friends too, but I REALLY miss Hazel. I have also seen a total of 2 puggles since I've been here. One was a lot bigger than Hazel and the other one was about her size but looked more like a beagle than a pug. (Hazel definitely has more pug in her). I can't wait to see the little one on Saturday!

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