Thursday, April 3, 2008

New York Day 6

On Wednesday, my Siamese twin Angelle was leaving. Sometimes, I think we are connected at the hip, literally. She was going home early so we walked around touristy Times Square to kill some time before she had to grad a cab for the airport. We just happened to stumble upon the naked cowboy and got pictures with him (yes, both front AND back). I don't understand how he can stand outside all day in the freezing cold with no clothes on, it's crazy insane. After Angelle left, I went to my friend Kim's apartment where I'll be for the remainder of my trip. Kim and I went to a fun sushi restaurant and then went to her acting school, the Neighborhood Playhouse, to watch a student showcase. This is where the 2nd year students perform 3 minute scenes that they have written themselves for various local agents to hopefully get signed. Kim called it a meat market. In kinder terms, it's a little like scouting for football. Either way, it was really entertaining. I was impressed with most of the scenes and even had a few favorite actors myself. Who knows, maybe I will see them in a movie one day.

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